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Firm... or Flexible?

"Be firm on the decision, but flexible in the details."

"Be firm on the decision, but flexible in the details." ~ Paul Reece (my awesome older brother)

As the Gen Zs would say, issa word!

Sometimes we decide something that we want to do, or come to terms with doing something that we have to do; either way, we also tend to become laser-focused on how we think it should happen. So laser-focused, in fact, that when the execution varies from what we imagined, we aren't at all flexible in the details.

Imagine you decide to pursue a new career, let's say for instance turning your photography skills from a hobby into your profession. You've made the decision, and you're absolutely certain that this is what you want to do. So you know that in addition to all the other aspects that go along with starting a business, you need to purchase new equipment. That iPhone and tripod alone are not going to cut it. But then you quickly realise that the initial budget you came up with won't nearly cover your costs.

Do you decide that your photography dream career is nothing more than a "pipe dream" so you just give up on it and stick to your current day job?

Do you get so upset and discouraged because things aren't going exactly how you imagined, without considering other options?

Or do you decide that this is going to happen regardless of the path it takes, and get started on researching ways to bootstrap a photography business?

I have friends and clients who are almost ruled by anxiety. As soon as something even appears to not be going according to plan, it's as though their worlds are going to crumble. Personally, that is not my approach to life. I am a firm believer that things happen if they're supposed to, and in the ways that they're supposed to. I am also a firm believer in God, and my way has to be His way, even when I don't quite understand His way. Does this mean that I don't sometimes worry? Of course I worry, but I also have an effective way to cope with it.

I recently traveled for vacation, and just like each and every time I travel, I thought to myself that I enjoy travel so much that inconveniences, last minute changes in plans, or other hiccups do not faze me. I see occurrences such as those as being a part of the adventure, a part of the journey. And this applies to life in general as well. Are hiccups uncomfortable (literally as well as figuratively)? Yes, of course they are. But we get past them.

When the details don't go quite as you planned, ask yourself, what is this trying to show or teach me? What can I gain from this? Is it patience? Is it to exercise your faith? Is it to trust the process? Is it to trust your intuition more? What is it? Because there is always a lesson in an experience, sometimes we're just too caught up in what went wrong to notice.

Start to embrace the art of compromise, this requires self-awareness, self-reflection, and a willingness to learn and adapt; especially in situations that you really have no control over yourself. In these situations, I always remind myself that God is in control.

Practice resilience and the art of reframing. Instead of viewing setbacks as failures, consider them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Consider the power of perspective; maintaining a flexible mindset invites us to consider alternative viewpoints which can inform an alternative, perhaps more effective approach.

"Be firm on the decision, but flexible in the details."

Your Coach & BFF,

Lesley, xo.