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Delayed is not Denied...

How to wait effectively!

“Delayed is not denied!” ~Unknown

This is a saying that I had heard before on more than one occasion, but it only really resonated with me in a big way when my business coach said it to me.

Have you ever wanted something so, so badly, but it just was not materializing. You feel as though you’ve put in all the work, made all the connections, dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s, yet nothing has changed, not even a little bit.

So what should we do in these circumstances?

I’ll tell you what I do…

✅ Make sure that I’ve done everything that I needed to do. I know sometimes I can get so excited about a project or plan that I want it to be completed NOW so that I can start to enjoy what I’ve visualized. But I have to pull myself back and pace myself to be as meticulous as possible, to ensure that there are no steps missing and no parts shabbily done. This usually involves putting pen to paper - literally, because I am old school - but for you it may be to put fingers to keyboard, to properly visualize all the thoughts swimming in my head. Once they’re in black and white (or multi colours and white, because hey, I’m a girly-girl and no one loves a coloured gel pen more than me), I can take a proper, and even critical look at where I am, what steps I may have missed, and how to move forward from where I am.

✅ Connect to source (for me that is God) to make sure that what has been placed on my heart is a calling from Him and that I have total peace about it. There have been times where I’ve been so gung-ho about an idea, that even when some parts didn’t feel quite right, I would still forge ahead… because otherwise that would make me a quitter right? Wrong! It would make me someone who tried, saw red flags, made a decision in my best interest, and can use the experience as a lesson for the future. I see that as a win!

✅ Look for any “blocks”. I remember my business coach, who is very discerning, once saying to me, “Lesley, I feel as though there is a block within you, and you have to release it.” She didn’t ask what it could have been. She didn’t try to help me release it. Nor should she have, because she is my coach, not my therapist. I did go to my therapist though, after giving it some thought and recognizing where the block existed. I told her about the conversation I had had with my coach, and what I wanted to overcome. Four intense, tear filled therapy sessions and loads of self-work later, I had dealt with and released that block; and, like clockwork, things just started to fall into place. It was actually quite surreal and reminded me of a similar experience almost exactly 10 years prior.

✅ And finally rest… rest in the knowledge that I’ve put all my pieces together, prayed over it, checked myself and eliminated any blocks, and just wait for things to fall into place - because they always do.

Delayed is not denied. Whatever is meant for you, will find you and will often manifest in ways far greater than you imagined yourself. It will at times feel as though nothing is happening, and will require patience, an open mind, discipline and focus. Wherever you are in your journey, remember to soak up every moment, pause to reflect, and see the value in the lessons learnt from the experience.

Lesley, xo.

Lesley Reece is an MD, women's life coach, an all-around patient person and a determined entrepreneur. She understands the importance of reveling in each moment, finding the happy in the face of sadness, and living instead of merely existing! You can connect with Lesley at!