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Be Your OWN Valentine!

Self love gift ideas for you!

It's February, famously known also as the month of love! Yes, it's important to show your loved ones how much you care about them, not just on Valentine's Day, but also year round. But what about showing ourselves some love?

In the spirit of self love, I've compiled a short list of must-have, self care gift ideas, to gift yourself, this month. So here goes:

Aromatherapy candle: I am a huge fan of scented candles, and whenever I feel stressed out a lit candle in a quiet, dark room tends to do the trick to centre me and get me back to a feeling of zen. The therapeutic scents in aromatherapy candles encourage an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Available in loads of various scents, choose one that suits your individual taste. This 4-pack on Amazon gives you a variey of scents to choose from based on your mood or need.
Essential oil diffuser bracelet: These are beaded bracelets, using beads made with lava stones. You simply apply your favorite essential oils to the stone beads and these diffuse the scent for calming or uplifting moments throughout your day, dependent on the essential oil used. I recommend lavender oil for relaxation and peppermint oil for mental alertness. Check out this one on Amazon.
Noise canceling headphones: because sometimes you just need to block out distracting background noise. Great for when you need to focus when journaling, meditating, or even just working. If you're looking for an affordable option, these Soundcore headphones got great noise canceling reviews and what’s also great is that you can toggle between a transparency mode where you still can hear your surroundings (think jogging outside) and the active noice canceling mode so you can block out background noises. Also, they come in the sweetest pink gold color!
Water bottle: hydration is a hugely underrated aspect of self care, so what better self care gift is there than a water bottle? Get you a motivational bottle like this one with time markers and reminders to push you through the day. We could all do with friendly reminders to stay hydrated!
Adult coloring book: I first learnt about the usefulness of coloring in my self care practices during lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic, when I spent loads of time on TikTok and followed someone who would host lives of her coloring. Just watching her color was relaxing, and when I decided to give it a go, I was amazed at how much better I felt after just 15 to 20 minutes of coloring. Intricate drawings and patterns in adult coloring books help you tap into your creative side, while relaxing you and allowing you to de-stress. Coloring also improves focus, calms your mind, and helps to reduce anxiety. There are loads to be found on Amazon, such as this Mindfulness Coloring Book.
Self Love Journal! If you didn't know before, you know now, that I created this self love journal with other women in mind. I used to be really overwhelmed by journaling, so I wanted to create something that I know other women like me would enjoy using, without feeling pressured or overwhelmed by the journal or the process of journaling. You've got introspective prompts, weekly planners, and space for your thoughts, goals and affirmations. Head on over here to purchase yours!

I hope that you show yourself some serious love this month, and make it habit to do so every, dang day, because you absolutely deserve it!

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Dr. Lesley is an MD and self care coach who fully enjoys aromatherapy candles, adult coloring books, journaling (when she feels like it), true crime podcasts and flavored water.