An empowering journey from self-doubt to self-assertion,

    for the modern millennial woman seeking self-fulfillment.

    Lesley's Story...

    From people-pleaser to assertiveness coach...


    I am Lesley Reece, an MD, and now a women's empowerment coach. I am the single mother of an amazing teenage son, and a divorcee who escaped a physically abusive marriage. My relationship history involves a series of emotionally abusive relationships, starting as early as my late teens.


    I had low self-esteem, feared rejection, but wanted to be seen, heard and loved, all at the same time. So I looked for that in anyone who appeared to give me the time of day, really.


    Unfortunately, your perceived self worth doesn't just affect how you show up in your interpersonal relationships, it also affects your education, your social life, and your career. In my case...


    I was a people pleaser and very shy about setting and enforcing my personal boundaries...

    I struggled with making myself a priority and making self-care a habit...

    I sought the approval of everyone else but myself...

    I felt like an impostor while everyone else thought I was "killin' it"...

    I played small, undervalued myself and consequently undersold my talents and my time...


    Since then, I've done the self-work, I've sought out help and embraced it once I found it, I've done the introspection, I've seen my own growth and I have loved ones who tell me they see it in me too.


    Now my mission is to help other women to do the same.


    Your story may not be the same as mine... it may be wildly different, or it may be very similar. But there is a common thread, and for that reason, I can help you.

    Who is it for?


    Her EMPOWERED Life is for you if you...

    • Are a 35+ female entrepreneur
    • Are ready to practice using "No" as a complete sentence...
    • Want to see and celebrate your awesomeness and share it with others without the hint of self doubt...
    • Want to see the value you offer to your clients reflected in your bank account
    • Want to be in control of your life instead of the people and things in your life controlling you...
    • Want to find the time for solo dates, guilt-free naps, manicures, reading for leisure, or any of your life's pleasures...
    • Want to be celebrating the fact that you reached your goals, big or small, 6 weeks, 4 months or a year from now...

    Still not sure? Take this short quiz to find out if it's time for your empowered life!!


    What is involved...


    Throughout the 6 weeks of Her EMPOWERED Life, you can expect to:

    • Discover Your Inner Strength: Uncover that thing that you're so good at, and learn how to harness it to achieve your goals.
    • Build Unshakeable Confidence: Become so confident that you approach life fearlessly.
    • Set Powerful Goals: Learn how to set goals that are about what YOU want, and not what IG or LinkedIn say you should want.
    • Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Stop telling yourself that everyone besides you can get it done.
    • Cultivate a Positive Mindset: Become so strong in the way you view life, that you see setback as just that, setbacks and not failures.
    • Take Inspired Action: Learn how to take charge and create the life you want, from the planning the day you want to charging the fees you deserve.

    My coaching program is about empowerment, specifically as it relates to boundary setting, self worth and self assertion. We often underestimate how much these areas play a role in not only how we view ourselves and our place in the world, but also how much we achieve and how successful we are!

    The Investment

    Your investment of $697 USD* includes:

    • Three 60-minute, 1:1 coaching sessions*
    • Materials for full six (6) week self-guided program
    • A newly empowered YOU!

    (Additional coaching sessions are optional and will be billed hourly. Further details available upon request.)


    Don't let fear or self-doubt hold you back any longer.


    It's time to step into your power and create the life you deserve. After Her EMPOWERED Life!, you'll have all the tools, guidance, and support you need to transform your life and become the empowered woman you were meant to be.


    (* a fully self paced format which does not include coaching sessions is also available. Information for both formats available here.)


    LifeXLesley knows that you are looking for a high quality experience, and a return on your investment in you. With Her EMPOWERED Life, you will see the return on your investment, as I deliver a tailor-made program with on-going support. Your success is important to me!


    Not only am I passionate about your personal success, but I also insist on providing you with high quality coaching. I maintain open lines of communication and I aim to stay relevant to you... so get ready for your EMPOWERED Life!

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