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Why Can't You Make a Change?

Well. Why can't you? At some point, or points, in time within the past year, the thought of a change of some sort must have crossed your mind. When that happened, what did you do? Did you ponder it, giving it serious thought? Or did you just dismiss it, with the notion that everything involved in making said change would be more trouble than the resultant change is worth. My money is on the latter. And, because you haven't given the possibility of change much thought, the next idea that follows, and unfortunately sticks, is "I can't change xyz." But, how true is that? I'm telling you, not really.

This article may be very timely for those of you who are reading it soon after it's been published, i.e. the end of the year, when making new year's resolutions is forefront in people's minds (along of course with what to do for New Year's Eve). Usually, somewhere within those resolutions are plans for change. Now, let's not get into how many of your resolutions are actually kept, let's focus on the positive aspect of things, which is that you're actually making resolutions and we'll work from there.

Change. It happens. Whether we want it to or not. Whether we accept it, or go down kicking and screaming that it's not happening around us, although it very clearly is. Relationships change. Situations change. People change. Prices change. Governments change. Prices change because governments change. You get the point. Some things change and we have no control over them, yet some of the things over which we do have control we refuse to change, simply because we refuse to acknowledge that a change is necessary. We refuse to admit that while we may be "comfortable" in a situation, being comfortable is not the same as being happy. We refuse to acknowledge that everything that's worth anything in life requires some degree of effort, time and sometimes sacrifice. The time's going to pass anyway, the effort is gonna be spent on some other thing, if not "this", and if a sacrifice is to be made, why not make it towards achieving the end result you REALLY want?

Most people resist change because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain from making the change(s). But what about when change is forced upon you? Let's consider. You've been working at this awesome company for years, you love everything about the job, but as a part of your latest promotion within the company, you've been informed that you will now be posted in a new city, totally unfamiliar to you, there are no other options if you want to keep this job that you simply adore, and oh, you've got 2 weeks to get yourself sorted. Suddenly, you're not so sure you love this job (or this company!) so much anymore.

In another scenario, you've been searching for many months and finally found a great new job, but it's in a city that's totally foreign to you, you have to move, not just yourself, but your family; this involves finding a new home, finding new schools for the children, making new friends, finding a new doctor, dentist, vet, bank, drugstore, even supermarket! But you're not daunted, because you've been looking for what feels like too long and you're super excited about this new opportunity that you've set into motion. The situations really aren't so different, except that one was thrust upon you, and the other you decided for yourself. Yet, that one difference made all of the difference in your attitude and outlook to the change in question. How many times have you resisted change, only to have it shoved in your face?

Here's an invitation for you, as you embark upon the coming new year, the coming week, or even just a new day (i.e. tomorrow). Think about what changes you'd like to see happen in your life. Personal, work or otherwise. Think about what's been stopping you from beginning those changes, and how you're going to get past those obstacles. Also, think about what changes need to be made in your life. And again, what's been stopping you and how you plan to get past it. Then remember, most people resist change because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain. Go against the grain, don't be like most people.