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What's Missing From Your "To-Do"?

When we think of our daily tasks, we tend to focus only on the things we have to do, but in so doing, we tend also to ignore the things that we should do. 

So you may have to take the children to school, go into the office, feed the dog, pick up the dry-cleaning by 4 pm...

But what about the things that you should do? A little thing like researching the cost of that online course that you have been thinking of doing for ages... Or something a bit bigger, such as completing the executive summary of that business plan which you've been working on for eons now... 

To illustrate my point, here's a story about Jen.

Jen owns a dance studio. For months, Jen toyed with the idea of investing in a display chiller at her studio, so that her students could purchase cold refreshments after their dance sessions. While the studio was doing fairly well for itself, there wasn't tons of extra money to play with, so the purchase of the chiller would have been a significant one. For months, Jen should have checked out the price of a display chiller; and for months, Jen should have done an informal market research survey, simply by asking her students about their level of interest in possibly purchasing cold beverages when their sessions are over. 

Eventually Jen did what she should have done. She made inquiries with her students; she shopped around for a display chiller; and, she finally purchased and stocked the chiller. Every week since then, Jen has made an average of $250 extra per week, on the sale of chilled beverages alone. That's about $1,000 per month. That's $12K per year. Who couldn't do with an extra $12K per year?

What is it that you should be doing, that you aren't?

How much more value could you be adding to your life, monetary or otherwise?

So... Why aren't you?