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Shameless Plug

The fact that you are reading this post means that my choice of post title did what it was designed to do. It piqued your interest just enough to make you click to start reading. Now it's my job to hold onto that interest of yours so that you continue reading, rather than mutter to yourself about this post being rubbish and head off to Buzzfeed to find something to LOL or OMG about.

This post has dual purposes; one is obvious, or it should be, the other maybe not so much. So I'll start with the less obvious one.

Social media marketing has an integral role in the success of almost any business today; whether one is referring to using the business's Twitter account to garner interest, or to your monthly newsletter letting your subscribers know what you're up to, or even just your bio/tagline on that same Twitter account... What you write, what you post, what you send out to your tens of thousands of followers (or tens of followers, because that's perfectly okay too...hey, quality over quantity right?) can literally make or break your business. We all know this, because we see it on every business and marketing blog there is. Yet, what a lot of us entrepreneurs seem to forget is, it doesn't matter what we write if no one is reading it.

So, how do you get all those people out there to follow and engage your social media accounts? How can you prevent them from hitting "Unsubscribe" after reading the first email newsletter they receive from you? How do you get them to be so excited about your business that they tell their friends, their parents, their great-aunt Edna, the postman, literally everyone about your business?

It's in the way you present yourself to your audience. Why is your website copy reading all stiff and formal if you want be known as the fun events coordinator? Why is it that after reading your bio seven times(!!!) I still can't tell very much about your personality and how suited it is to the service you say you can provide for me? Why...why, why, why, why, why, is the last post on your Twitter account dated November, 2015? What? Not even a retweet?

Some of us are just not that great at writing, or using written word to convey the ideas that we so badly want to share with others. And ya know what? That's okay. But your business, and your potential customers who are seeking the services of the "other guys" don't care that you aren't expressive enough. So you need help. Find a content creator (if in doubt, please refer to post title), find a blogger, a vlogger, a social media marketer, find someone who knows what they're doing (and preferably who knows the difference between there, their and they're :)...see what I did there?) to help you present the image that you want for your business, and that your potential customers are looking for. Stop drowning in that ocean of crumpled paper, and give that backspace button a is out there!

Lesley Reece is a Renaissance Woman. Writer. MD. Blogger. Ethnic Skincare Guru. Content Creator. Entrepreneur. She is aware of the proper use of periods but is willing to use them indiscriminately to add some punch to a tagline. Rest assured she is also aware of the correct usage of their, there and they're and promises never to use them indiscriminately.

To engage Lesley's content creation services for your blog, newsletter or even just for help writing your bio, visit her website at LifeByLesley!