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On Raising Girls...

We raise our girls, making sure they’re fed, clothed, and educated; but...

• Are we also feeding them with morsels of our own experiences so that they’re not caught by surprise?

• Are we also clothing them in words of affirmation meant to build self esteem?

• Are we educating them on being resilient in the face of the harsh realities of this world to encourage a sense of self worth?

I don’t have a daughter borne of my loins, but as a woman and member of the society within which I function, I have many daughters: the girls I mentor, the girls who follow my social media accounts, my son’s friends, my friends’ daughters... each one is looking at me, to see what I do, how I do it and what the results are. For that reason I hold myself accountable in making sure that the things they see in me are examples I would have wanted for myself at their age, and for my own daughters (had I had any).

There is some young girl out there who is looking at you. When she says to you, “Auntie, I love your hair/dress/handbag/shoes...” she’s also saying a lot more. She's saying that she regards you in high esteem. She's saying that she would want to emulate you. She's saying that in her mind, you have your stuff together, and like you is how she wants to be. Don’t miss what she’s saying, her future may depend on it.

You’re welcome!