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Never Too Late...

It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~ GeorgeElliott

Everywhere we turn, on practically every blog post, every social media platform, and via traditional media outlets, we are regaled with stories of young, brilliant entrepreneurs who have achieved the “next big thing.” And these youngsters seem to be getting younger and younger with every passing year. A decade, or so, ago, the young, brilliant innovators were in their 30s, at least. These days, we’re seeing stories of 20-somethings, and even some in their late teens who’ve already made their first million! Sometimes it makes me wonder what in the world I was doing when I was a teenager. Oh right… I remember now, I was doing “teenage stuff” interspersed with a bit of filling out college applications!

While I am thrilled that youngsters are putting their brains and talents to good use and getting a head-start on reaping the benefits of hard work, I worry about those of us approaching the second half of our thirties, or my peers who are well into their fourth and fifth decades. What exactly do I worry about? Discouragement. I can easily see how someone my age, or older, could feel as though their “prime” has long passed, never to return. It is not to say that great strides aren’t being made by mature business persons, but the fact is that in this sensational world in which we live, the story about the 17 year old who made her first million selling an app she developed wins over the one about the 42 year old developer who just sold one for $3.7 million. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but don’t let your hopes, dreams and aspirations crumble along with it.

So here’s a little bit of inspiration to keep you motivated and fighting the good fight:

  • James Sinegal founded Costco at age 47
  • Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks at age 51
  • Ray Kroc started Mcdonalds at 52
  • Ferdinand Porsche founded Porsche at 56
  • Charles Flint founded IBM at age 61
  • Colonel Sanders founded the KFC franchise at 62.

Yes, we may live in a more technologically advanced age, but no matter the age you live in, there is always something “more” to be discovered, something “better” that can be developed, and something needed but not yet existing that can be invented. It’s just up to one brilliant mind, whether young, or not-so-young, to conceptualize it and see it to fruition. Challenge yourselves, stay motivated, harness your talents, mix in some passion and see your dream to reality.

Oh wait, I forgot one more founder:

  • [Insert your name here] founded [your amazing business idea here] at [your age here]

What are you waiting for?